C++17 Test Suite

We offer a C++17 validation suite that covers the following areas:

  • Attributes for namespaces and enums
  • Auto for non-type template parameters
  • Constant evaluation for non-type template arguments
  • Constexpr if
  • Constexpr lambda
  • Construction rules for enum class values
  • Dynamic memory allocation for over-aligned data
  • Exception specification as part of type
  • Expression evaluation order
  • Extended static_assert
  • Extension to aggregate initialization
  • Fallthrough attribute
  • Fold expressions
  • Generalized range-based for
  • Guaranteed copy elision
  • __has_include
  • Hexadecimal floating-point literals
  • Inline variables
  • Lambda capture of *this
  • Matching of template template arguments
  • Maybe_unused attribute
  • Nested namespace definitions
  • New rules for auto deduction for brace lists
  • Nodiscard attribute
  • Pack expansions in using declarations
  • Qualification conversions and arrays
  • Remove increment for bool types
  • Remove deprecated register keyword
  • Remove trigraphs
  • Reword inheriting constructors
  • Selection statements with initializers
  • Structured bindings
  • Template argument deduction for class templates
  • Typename for template template parameters
  • u8 character literals
  • Using attribute namespaces without repetition

    The suite is currently being developed, and at present has approximately 2900 tests.

    Download a free sample of the tests

    For further details of the suite, please contact us.

    We also offer custom test suite development.

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