C++11 Test Suite

We offer a C++11 validation suite that covers the following areas:

  • Alias and Template Alias
  • Attributes
  • Auto Specifier
  • Constexpr
  • Data Member Initializers
  • Decltype
  • Defaulted/Deleted Function Definitions
  • Delegating Constructors
  • Inheriting Constructors
  • Initializer List (Brace Lists)
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Move Constructor / Assignment Operator
  • Noexcept
  • Nullptr Type and Literal
  • Raw String Literals
  • Ref-qualifiers
  • Rvalue Reference Types
  • Sfinae (Substitution Failure is Not an Error)
  • Thread_local
  • Unrestricted Unions
  • User Defined Literals
  • Value Categories
  • Variadic Templates

    The suite has approximately 10175 tests.

    Download a free sample of the tests

    For further details of the suite, please contact us.

    We also offer custom test suite development.

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